Scaling Customer Service — The Win Win model

Vishal Agarwal
3 min readAug 21, 2020


If you are in a B2C business where your customers go online and talk about their experience with your products and services, there is a very good chance that you are seeing a significant surge in the chatter.

Negative and Positive Experiences

You probably are also familiar with this sad, but very real human behavior that results in the uneven sentiment ratio of people speaking about your brand online. When they have a bad experience, the chatter is insanely high, compared to the ones who have a good experience.
Sadly because of this behavioral pattern, someone who looks at your online chatter can easily get a wrong and incorrect impression!


If you relate to this, then this blog is going to address a lot of your challenges catering to servicing and managing a vocal customer base (even more so after Covid-19)!

Technology helps

Always measure, always quantify and always engage — it is never a good idea to not engage! Other customers are watching — let them all see you care and that you are always available to support!

If someone is borderline harassing you, others can see that too, so trust that your customers realise this. However, the most important action that you can take is timely engagement, thereby always making yourself available to help!

Make yourself aware!

AAutomation doesn’t have to be time consuming, expensive and cumbersome. There are many small features in any good CX platform where technology can assist you with periodic follow-ups with your customers, additional data, or even closing a ticket if you don’t get all the details — in a polite and timely manner. This way you don’t have to keep a record book or maintain multiple excels to ensure strong CRM or closures!

Uplifting the sentiment is not always about providing a solution, it is about timely engagement and the honest effort to understand a customer’s concern. The effect of empathy is far stronger. A brand needs to be fully aware of this score and leverage tools to measure this score per customer, as well as the overall customer base on the whole.

Sentiment Uplift Score can clearly indicate how your efforts are improving your customer lifetime value!

Smart prioritizing of complaints or queries based on Emotion, Engagement or Influence can also do wonders for your process, and help you improve your CX by miles. This is particularly important as you scale outward or operate in a niche vertical. Tools like Locobuzz can prioritize queries, use skill-based assignment, and even raise the right alerts to ensure a timely engagement. These features help you do more with a smaller team!

Actionable intelligence made available by deep diving into Ticket categories, sentiment, severity of emotions can give you all the data you need to improve your processes, and products to meet your customer expectations. Locobuzz and such Online Reputation Management tools give you plethora of insights and data to identify and prioritize strategic and successful business actions.

In these unprecedented times, as we spend more time indoors, and look out from our windows — where to a jungle of trees or a concrete jungle, one thing is for sure: Your business will get a lot more reviews online, a lot more queries, and hopefully many more leads if you partner a platform who knows how to help you be there for your customers!



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